Hoodia Gordonii Pure 2000mg

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Hoodia Gordonii is an extremely effective natural form to lose weight. Thanks to its extraordinary properties, Hoodia Gordonii makes it possible to tackle any weight problem: it simply stops hunger pangs. Hoodia Gordonii is essential for a fast and effective weight loss

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Hoodia (hoodia gordonii) is a cactus cultivated by the "San" tribe located approximately 1000 km of Johannesburg. For some time now, this tribe from Southern Africa cultivates this "succulent plant" with its incredible virtues: A "miraculous" molecule was insulated in the hoodia. This highly active molecule acts directly on the part of the brain controlling satiety, like glucose. Contrary to glucose, this molecule does not generate any caloric intake.
Hoodia's effectiveness is due to the P57 molecule which acts directly, as does glucose, on the part of the brain controlling satiety. One of the hypothalamus' essential roles is the analysis of the concentration of certain nutrients, and in particular of glucose, with an aim of creating or of inhibiting the feeling of "hunger". The P57 molecule acts like glucose by developing an activity approximately 10.000 times higher and without generating any calories.
This molecule resulting from Hoodia thus "misleads" the brain and the body while letting it believe that the person has just eaten. People who take Hoodia note an immediate improvement in their mood, followed by a feeling of satiety. They do not want to eat any more and during meals, and do not feel a need to chew or swallow their food.
Many laboratory tests show the capacity of Hoodia Gordonii to reduce the caloric intake as well as the body mass. A study was carried out in 2001 with 20 obese volunteers. Those who received Hoodia gordonii noticed a reduction of caloric intake from 30-40%.
Hoodia SP 500mg is a product made up of pure South-African Hoodia, for an optimal effectiveness for men and women.
No side effects were present when testing the traditional use of Hoodia nor in the clinical studies. It is thus a particularly effective way to reduce hunger sensations, which makes it possible to reduce the caloric intake of meals by a third .
Weight Loss
Hoodia Gordonii Pure 2000mg
Less than 18 years.
Two tablets per day, morning and evening, with a lot of water.


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