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White Willow
Nature's Way
100 capsules
The White Willow, a tree from Asia, is highly recommended to fight against all forms of pain naturally.
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White Willow Nature's Way

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 White willow is a European and Asian tree native. The leaf coloring of this tree is smothered in white fine hairs, which is where the name of this remedy originates. This natural tonic has had medicinal use as far back as the fifth century. It wasn’t until 1829 when scientist realized the compound known as salicin was the active ingredient which was used for pain, fever, headache, flu, and more. Basically, this salicin of the past is comparable to our aspirin of today.

Even today, however, people often will choose product because it is easier on the stomach than aspirin is. Also, researchers have found that this remedial bark product has a better effect on ailments than aspirin products. Nature's Way has carefully devised a way of harvesting the bark of trees while maintaining their health and structure. The Nature’s Way White Willow product is popularly used in place of aspirin for many conditions.

Those suffering from headaches and migraines, the pain of rheumatism and arthritis, fevers, tendonitis or bursitis, menstrual pain, and more, will surely benefit by this product of the trees. And, there will be less stomach upset to deal with due to the production of acids in comparison to aspirin. 

Wellness concerns

Arthritis - Fatigue - fever - Headache - Migraine - PMS - Tendinitis


Carbohydrate,White Willow


Seek medical advice during pregnancy and lactation.


2 capsules per day.

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