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VIP- Very Intense Pill Weight Loss
Weight Loss
120 capsules
Very Intense Pill Weight Loss: ultra complete, this fat burner activates all the mechanisms of weight loss for fast and durable results.
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VIP- Very Intense Pill Weight Loss

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Presented in the form of gel caps, the VIP Weight Loss formula  is ultra-powerful. Its action is to first  transform fats into energy and thus to lose weight. VIPill reduces the assimilation of sugars and fats at the time of the meal and decreases hunger pangs. This fat burner is intended for women and men, sportsmen or not.
Very Intense Pill radically redefines the concept of fatburning. This supplement has been created from the standards on which thinning products develop. Sporting doctors and scientists are unanimous: the thermogenic power of VIPill burns fat tissues more quickly and more effectively than all the other products on the market. These components would eliminate up to 567% more fats than those not-supplemented.
VIP Weight Loss is an advanced thermogenic formula with a broad spectrum combining nutrients scientifically validated to increase the basal metabolism. VIP contains a remarkable combination of nutrients which target a multitude of important metabolic routes. It is a formula based on science, not on marketing, which includes/understands only nutrients with shown effectiveness, proportionings and in forms where they can be useful.
Containing methylxanthines thermogenic and vegetable extracts, Vipill accelerates the process making it possible to burn fats, blocks the absorption of edible fats, develops energy and concentration, blocks the production of cortisol, reduces the appetite and the retention of water. Vip Weight Loss contains 7 different sources of méthylxanthines being used to absorb at various levels and bringing an effect to delayed action.
Exceed your wait time and obtain a thinner body thanks to this rich combination in ingredients with a high effectiveness. It is a fat burner very rich in stimulants, VIP Weight Loss thus stimulates the metabolism enormously and gives energy all day.

Wellness concerns



Proprietary Blend -280mg: Green Tea Extract 50%, Hoodia Extract, Caffeine, Fucoxanthin, White Willow Bark, Citrus Aurantium, Guarana Seed, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate.


Less than 18 years. Pregnant women or who nurse. Contains caffeine.


Four capsules per day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon with a lot of water. Do not exceed four capsules per day.

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