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Valerian Root
Stress / Relaxation
Nature's Way
100 capsules
Nature's Way Valerian Root(Valerian root) has been used for his soothing virtues to ensure a good night's sleep.
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Valerian Root Nature's Way

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Nature's Way Valerian Root provides a multitude of calming benefits. This supplement is often what is needed to calm the body after a long and stressful day. Valerian root is commonly known to offer sedative-like qualities due to its capability of calming the central nervous system and particular muscle areas. For centuries, valerian has been used as an alternative to prescription sleeping pills.

With moderate usage, this herb which includes over 100 chemical elements comes with virtually no side effects. Valerian is often included in lemon-lime flavor and other flavored beverages to promote relaxation. When a supplement compound, such as food energizer is taken, valerian will offset the effects of the product. Research has proven that valerian alleviates tossing and turning before falling asleep, as sleep is easily promoted with this herbal remedy.

Valerian root has other benefits besides giving one a good night’s rest, or calming levels of anxiety. This herbal product will settle down abdominal cramping caused by nerves. Those suffering from menstrual cramping also benefit considerably from valerian root. Very often, a sleeping pill will promote a morning hangover sensation. In fact, this herb will not impair driving abilities. All in all, Valerian Root is a decent alternative to body and mind altering drugs.

Wellness concerns

anxiety - Cramp - Overwork - PMS - Stress - Stress and anxiety


Valerian root


not recommended for pregnant women


3 capsules per day

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cette petite merveille semble tenir ces promesses, pris depuis peu les résultats se sentent déjà sur le système digestif :-)
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