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Boericke& Tafel
100 tablets
Relieve sciatic pain through homeopathy. An alternative solution without side effects.
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Sciatic aide

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Sciatica is without a doubt the most common and most known of the vertebral pains. The least movement is transformed into martyrdom for he or she which is victim: a violent discharge even irradiates along the leg being able to reach the toes. The wear of the intervertebral discs involves a deterioration of the sciatic nerve whose sufferings diffuse towards the leg. Sometimes, the suffering does not exceed the knee and the starting factor of the crisis is not always identifiable. The pain is increased through efforts, cough or the sneeze. The flexural pressures and strengths culminate in the bottom of the spinal column. Thus, the nerves most often touched are those of the fifth lumbar root and the first crowned root. They form the sciatic nerve which goes down along the leg to the foot. It is this attack of the sciatic nerve which is at the origin of these infernal pains.
This pain follows a well defined way according to whether it is the fifth lumbar root or the first crowned root which is irritated:Lombosciatic L5: the lumbar pain is prolonged on the external face of the thigh and of the leg, the back of the foot crosses and reaches the big toe. S1 lumbago-sciatica: the lumbar pain is prolonged on the buttock, the posterior face of the thigh and the leg, and passing by the plant of the foot, reached the fifth toe.
Sciatica is generally associated with environmental or behavioral factors: inappropriate lifting of a heavy load, postural stress, obesity, nicotinism, psychological distress. But more recent studies had already connected these diseases of the intervertebral discs to family susceptibilities.
Homeopathy covers the majority of the sciatic nerves , but it should well be understood that sciatica, contrary to the chronic sciatic nerve, or the lumbago is primarily a mechanical process, in connection with a slipped disc, and that it can be a question only of one complementary therapeutic process.
Chamomilla 3X relieves the pseudo sciatalgie, Arsenicum Album 12X reinforces the general state, after fast reduction in the forces, Colocynthis 3X eliminates the pain with the inflection, and Sluphur 6X supports the reduction in lifting loads on the intervertebral disc.

Wellness concerns



Active ingredients (HPUS): Arsenicum album 12X, Chamomilla 3X, Colocynthis 3X, Sulphur 6X. Lactose based tablets.


Less than 12 years: consult your doctor.


Two tablets every two hours until disappearance of symptoms. Place the tablets under the tongue, 15 to 30 minutes after eating, drinking or brushing teeth.

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