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Reduxial + Hoodia Gordonii 500mg
Weight Loss
90 capsules of Reduxial + 120 capsules of Hoodia
On sale in Labodiscount, this treatment combines Reduxial and Hoodia Gordonii 500 Mg. In one month, achieve your weight loss goal!
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Reduxial + Hoodia Gordonii 500mg

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 Hoodia (hoodia gordonii) is a cactus cultivated by the "San" tribe approximately 1000 km from Johannesburg. For some time now, this  Southern African tribe cultivates this "succulent plant" with its incredible virtues: A "miracle" molecule was insulated in the hoodia. This highly active molecule acts directly on the part of the brain controlling satiety, as glucose it. But contrary to glucose, this molecule does not generate any calories.

The attributes of Hoodia are due to the P57 molecule which acts directly, as glucose does, on the part of the brain controlling satiety. It acts on the hypothalamus where one of the essential roles is the analysis of the concentration of certain nutrients, and in particular of glucose, with an aim of creating or of inhibiting the feeling of "hunger". The P57 molecule acts like glucose but by developing an activity approximately 10.000 times higher and without generating any calories.
This molecule resulting from Hoodia "thus misleads" the brain and the body while letting it believe that it has just eaten. The people who take Hoodia note an immediate improvement of their mood, followed of a feeling of satiety. They do not feel the urge to eat and at meal times, do not feel the need to chew nor swallow their food.
Many laboratory tests show the capacity of Hoodia Gordonii to reduce the caloric ration as well as the body mass. In addition, a study was carried out in 2001 on 20 obese volunteers. It made it possible to note a reduction of caloric intake from 30 to 40 % to those which received the Hoodia gordonii.
Hoodia 500mg is a product only made up of Hoodia, for an optimal effectiveness as well for men and women.
Contrary to the appetite reducer synthesis, no side effects were present when taking Hoodia nor in the clinical studies. It is thus a particularly effective appetite suppressant which makes it possible to reduce by a third the caloric rations of the meals.

In the United Kingdom, food imbalances were strongly accentuated during these last years. These imbalances are the beginning of many diseases. We are thus faced with a true issue of public health.
How can we combine weight loss with pleasure?
An effective food complement must make it possible for the consumer to quickly lose weight without undergoing any side effects or any problems.
We thus offer Reduxial: A complete product which stimulates the metabolism, burns fats and controls hunger pangs when dieting.
This composition has been formulated perfectly well through the accuracy of proportioning these components:
    • Detoxification and purification of the intestinal system and the colon
    • Burn fat without reaching themuscle
    • Relieves stress
    • Cuts the hunger effect
    • thermogenic and energetic
    To reach your weight objective, Reduxial is the product you need: Lose your excess weight today!

Wellness concerns

Weight Loss


Reduxial: Proprietary Blend - 459mg: Aloe Ferox Powder,Rhubarb Root Powder, L-Tyrosine, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshallow Root Powder, Magnesium Hydroxide Powder, Tribulus Terrestris , Fenugreek 50%, Cordyceps Sinensis 7%, Acacia Rigidula, Coleus Forskohlii, Grape Seed Ext. 4:1, Pineapple Powder, L-Taurine, Caffeine, L-Arginine, 20-Beta-Hydroxy-Ecdysone, 3,5 Diiodotyrosine, Piperine 95%, Magnesium Stearate. Hoodia 500mg: Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Extract 20:1, Lotus Leaf extract, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate.


Pregnant women or who nurse. Children less than 18 years old. Contains caffeine.


Reduxial: Four capsules per day, two with breakfast or morning exercise session, and to capsules at lunch or mid afternoon, with a large glass of water. Hoodia: Four capsules per day, two in the morning and two at noon , with a lot of water.

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