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Psoriasis Cream
Home Health
2 oz - 57 grams
Psoriases Cream, strongly concentrated in magnesium, is known for its virtues to relieve the most severe skin problems, such as psoriasis, itching or eczema.
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There are various forms of psoriasis: the psoriasis in plates, which is by far the most frequent, does not present any type of danger in general, but can be very bothersome. Other more severe forms do need medical attention: erythrodermic and arthropathic psoriasis.
Psoriasis is one of the most frequent dermatoses, affecting 3 to 5 % of the European population, including children. It is a chronic and benign inflammatory disease which has an unaesthetic aspect and can bring psychological difficulties to live with a "chronic" disease.
The psoriasis is nevertheless a serious illness in approximately 10% of the cases, either because of its incompatible issues , or because of its complications, in particular rheumatic.
This has been treated as a central disease in dermatology because of its frequency (3 million are affected), it thus constitutes an ideal model of research where all actors of cutaneous physiology are present.
In the '90's, it was confirmed that psoriasis was related to the interaction of genetic, immunological and environmental factors, an outcome with modifications of skin cells and with a hyper proliferation of keratocytaire .
The psoriasis is not contagious; on the other hand, it can be transmitted by heredity in the form of a susceptibility to develop the disease.
According to a study of family aggregation, 50% of patients acquired psoriasis due to family antecedents. The risk of a brother or sister is 12 to 14% when parents are unscathed and approximately 35% when one of the parents is reached.
Genetic studies of populations made it possible to highlight 2 great types of psoriasis. Type 1, where the disease is declared at a young age, before 30 years, with important antecedents of family psoriases and a rather severe evolution.
Type 2, where the disease is declared at an older age, after 40 years, in a sporadic way, without family antecedents and with a more benign evolution.
However the lesions of psoriasis will appear only if one immune reaction is able to develop with the level of the skin. The substance is thus  identified by the organism as an invader and is wrongly fought like such and after a successful intervention of the immune system, the response may or may not persist.
In addition, stress in the broad sense (psychological, physical, surgical) is a factor able to worsen, start or maintain a psoriasis. The psoriasis can start at any age, but it more often appears at the adulthood than during childhood. The first demonstrations occur in children in approximately 30% of the cases (15% before 10 years and 15% between 10 and 15 years) with a maximum at the time of puberty (20% between 15 and 19 years). The frequency of obtaining this at an older age decreases regularly with time.
The psoriasis can also be indicated by its localization; thus one speaks about psoriasis of the scalp, the nails, the elbows and the knees, among others. It consists of a white rash, which cover a rosy skin, rather seldom pruriginous, of relatively easy diagnosis.
Psoriasis Cream relieves rednesses and irritations related to psoriasis, eczema, and other irritations of the skin.
Used with Psoriasil, it constitutes the ideal treatment for your skin!



Wellness concerns

Eczema - Psoriasis


Allantoin; Cetyl Alcohol; Citricidal (botanical extract of citrus); Cod Liver Oil; Echinacea; Jojoba Oil; Lemongrass Oil; Rose Hip Seed Oil; Sarsaparilla; Stearic Acid; Triethanolamine; Vitamin E Oil; Water; Yellow Dock


Avoid the contact with the eyes.


Use one to four times per day on clean, dry skin.

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