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Due to the high volume of Internet sites which pose themselves as drugstores yet do not have any guarantees relating to the know-how and the selection of unreliable suppliers, Labodiscount has established a Quality Chart.  This Quality Chart informs the consumer on his or her professional engagement in order to obtain the highest quality of services.

A drugstore is a care advisor which chooses the product, brand, its blend and composition according to the customer’s needs.  Labodiscount provides you with the supplement you are looking for, whether its health, beauty, sports nutrition, or any type of nutritive support desired.


Labodiscount Quality-Chart :     

  1. The selection and the control of our products all undergo precise quality criteria.  The criteria include composition, formulation, testing, and conditioning to the standards required of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
  2. The product, the workers, and the means implemented are interconnected in order to have a quicker and efficient service. 
  3. All payments are secured. 
  4. The platform of distribution guarantees a reliable delivery service.
  5. Pricing, delays, and guarantees are all respected.
  6. The follow up of orders and litigations are all worked on as soon as possible.
  7. Advertisements and discounts are all factual.
  8. Technological, economic and commercial surveys are performed via a HealthCare center which studies our customer feedback.
  9. There are constant updates on offers regarding up to date and the latest biological, medical and technological innovations.