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Melatonin 5mg
60 tablets
Melatonin 5mg from Labohealth: A new generation of a dietary supplement. A maximum efficiency for a minimum size!
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Melatonin 5mg

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Melatonin 5mg Labohealth uses a revolutionary manufacturing process to determine the dietary supplement form its Micronized form, with a tablet of 2mm in diameter!
Easy to ingest, Melatonin 5mg Labohealth proposes the new standard  of manufacturing in terms of food supplements!
Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is the size of a pea and is located in the center of the brain. The Melatonin secretion occurs during the night in response to darkness. It reaches a peak in the middle of the night and then decreases until the morning. The synthesis and circulation of Melatonin are inhibited by light: it is the hormone of circadian rhythm.

1) What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone fat-soluble and water soluble that the body metabolizes remarkably fast. The production of melatonin decreases with age. When people age, the pineal gland is calcified and produces less melatonin. Melatonin levels are very abundant in children, decreases at puberty and then steadily declines, more than 90%, up to age 70
2) What is Melatonin?

Melatonin regulates and controls our biological clock: it improves sleep, stimulates the immune system and protects the central nervous system. In studies in vitro, Melatonin showed an antimutagene activity on seven different types of human cancer cells, including breast and prostate. Melatonin also positively influences the reproductive system, cardio-vascular and neurological. Melatonin is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant, which protects every part of the cell and each cell of the body, including neurons. More than 100 degenerative diseases (including cataracts, macular degeneration of the retina, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, etc. ...) are associated with reduced antioxidant defenses of the body. Oxidation is also one of the main factors of the aging process itself! In fact, Melatonin is perhaps with DHEA, regarding preventive health the safest, most effective and cheapest that exists!

3) The Melatonin as a supplement and its benefits

Against insomnia: Melatonin is the best and safest sleep inducer available, effective in half-hour in 90% of subjects. The sleep facilitated by Melatonin is natural, more refreshing and better qualitying than that caused by sleeping pills. Melatonin users wake up fresh and rested, well-rested.
Melatonin is particularly effective in getting rid of Jet Lag (jet lag) and circadian rhythm disorders resulting from work at night.

The same is true of disorders Affectifs Seasonal (Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) that affect people whose biorhythms can not adapt to the changing seasons.

Melatonin neutralizes the effects of stress and reduces the gradual decline of the immunity which accompanies it.

Melatonin regulates and control our biological clock: it improves sleep, stimulates the immune system and protects the central nervous system. 

  Melatonin is an extremely powerful and versatile anti-oxidant , which protects every part of the cell and each cell of the body, including neurons!
In fact, Melatonin is perhaps with DHEA, regarding preventive health the safest, most effective and cheapest available.

Numerous studies show that melatonin protects against cancer and against the toxic effects of chemotherapy. It restores the functionality of the thymus and increases the population of T cells The research also shows that Melatonin supplements can reduce blood pressure, better resistance to colds and, more generally, to prevent or better withstand a large number of diseases associated with aging

4) Is Melatonin safe?

The additional Melatonin is remarkably safe and free of side effects. It is, of course, not advisable to drive or use dangerous tools after consuming Melatonin, since it induces sleep and, therefore, decreases the speed of reaction.
-- A study in Holland on a population of 5,000 women has shown definitively that Melatonin, even in large quantity and for a long time, can be used without danger: these women took 75 mg of Melatonin per day for 5 years, showing that to this mix the Melatonin inhibits the production of estrogen and may replace the pill: no adverse effect has been found.

5) Melatonin or sleeping pills?

Unlike sleeping pills, Melatonin, in the appropriate dosage, induces sleep and natural physiological re-synchronize circadian rhythms. It improves the speed of falling asleep and the length and quality of sleep. Melatonin creates neither habit or addiction. In contrast, sleeping pills suppress the essential phase of sleep devoted to dream ( "REM"), require taking doses higher, creating a terrible addiction, wake up with hangover and may even kill you, if you overuse.

Wellness concerns



Melatonin 5mg, Dicalcium phosphate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicone dioxide, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose Sodium.


Pregnant women or nursing mothers, children, people with serious mental disorders and autoimmune diseases must refrain from taking Melatonin supplements.


One or two tablets, 20 minutes before going to bed. Individual needs vary significantly: 1 to 5 mg usually sufficient to induce sleep. If you have a little trouble waking up the next day, it is because you've taken a bit too much. If you have not slept enough, you can increase your dosage. Use your common sense to adjust your consumption needs of your organism. Always take your Melatonin at night. Taking Melatonin during the day can desinchronize you.

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