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Lycopene 20 mg
Piping Rock
120 capsules
Lycopene, member of the carotene family, is a very powerful natural antioxidant: a nutrient with the exceptional contribution on health and wellbeing!
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In 1873 Lycopene, member of the carotene family, was isolated for the first time. However, only until 1950 was when its properties were discovered.





Present especially in the tomato, Lycopene would be much more effective than Beta-Carotene to protect us from cardiovascular problems, it has five times more pigmentation (for bronzing) and  twice the amount of antioxidants.


The virtues of Lycopene are numerous:


·          Powerful antioxidant

·          Regulates the cholesterol level

·          Protects the digestive system against the trransformation of nitrites, nitrates and

·          nitrosamine, which is in charge of cancer present in the digestive tract.

·          Powerful guard against U.V. effects and pollution

·          Stimulates the immune system

·          Prevents cardiovascular diseases


Lycopene is also advised for smokers in order to protect themselves from pulmonary

diseases. It plays an essential part in the prevention of prostate, lung, stomach, breast

and uterus cancer.


Lycopene is a supplement with an exceptional antioxidant capacity, to help fight free

radicals, thus preventing degenerative diseases like cancer.


Calcium as Calcium Carbonate - 45 mg, Lycopene from Natural Tomato Powder and Tomato Extract 15 mg, Tomato Powder 535 mg, Cellulose, Cellulose Gum, Stearic Acid, Silica, Magnesium Stearate


Less than 12 years old.


Three capsules per day, during meals.

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