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L-Histidine 500mg
Piping Rock
60 Capsules
The amino acids provided by Piping Rock L-Histidine have a beneficial effect on various disorders: rules, colic, cough, sexuality ...
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L-Histidine 500mg

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L-histidine , an amino acid protein present in any live organism, is naturally produced. Diet which includes cheese, poultry and pork, vegetable proteins, animal proteins, and wheat germ will add to the necessary supply of L-histidine. When diet alone is not adequate, Twinlab L-Histadine provides the necessary levels of this amino acid before signs of deficiency occur. Such signs may include allergy symptoms and indigestion. L-histidine has a role of acquiring necessary enzymes to efficiently make the most of the minerals in the body like zinc, iron, copper, molybdenum, and manganese.

Clinical research has studied the effect of L-Histidine supplement on the body. When using Piping Rock L-Histidine, premenstrual pain may lessen, colic would be comforted due its antispasmodic qualities, the pain of rheumatoid arthritis would be eased, and mucous membranes would be soothed to relieve a cough. Modern alternative medicine has additional uses for L-Histidine.

This amino acid has been known to have a positive effect on a woman’s sex life by enhancing sexual response. It has also been found to be important for tissue repair and grown and the improvement of red blood cell production. Keeping L-Histidine levels appropriately maintained by supplementing with a supplement will prevent the adverse affect a deficiency may cause. 

Wellness concerns


l-Histidine 500mg


Under 18.


Take one tablet daily.

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