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Damiana 400mg
Nature's Way
100 capsules
Damiana is an excellent tonic for the nervous system and hormonal secretions. It has aphrodisiac virtues: Diamana is also considered an antidepressant when disorders are linked to sexual problems, and treats cystitis and kidney inflammation, in case of dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and menstrual disorders, especially among girls
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Damiana 400mg

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The Damiana (Turner diffusa or Turnera aphrodisiac), is a tonic and regenerator of the nervous system: it stimulates the sex organs, acting as an aphrodisiac and a urinary antiseptic.

It is a shrub with soft and fair aromatic leaves, pale green on the underside with some hair on the side, it has yellow flowers that rise on the axis of leaves and a sealed capsule separates into three pieces. It has an aromatic flavor, a taste characterized, bitter and aromatic. It is found in Mexico, South America, in Texas and the West. Damiana was used by Mayans of Central America for its aphrodisiac properties and recreation. Turner leaves opifera are used in infusion and data as astringent and tonic by the Indians of Brazil. T. Ulmifolia for its tonic and expectorant.

It is a tonic and regenerator of the nervous system. Effective against mild depression and nervous fatigue, including stress and anxiety is also an excellent sexual stimulant that treats premature ejaculation and strengthens the genitals in women. As a diuretic and urinary antiseptic, it relieves cystitis or urethritis.
Indeed, Damiana stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. It contains ingredients that directly stimulate the nerves and genitals.

Damiana has a relaxing effect, and its effects are still for about an hour to an hour and a half. The effect becomes stronger when used regularly. The prolonged use of Damiana increases sexual potency and help regulate hormones in women.

Damiana finally relaxes muscles and is used as a medicine against fatigue, exhaustion, hormonal disturbances and heat strokes.

Its effects are numerous: laxative, diuretic, tonic, antidepressant, relaxant, aphrodisiac, it acts directly on the genitals and testosterone. Regular use has beneficial effects on sexual organs.


Damiana leaf - 800mg, Gelatine.



Two capsules three times a day with meals.

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