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Chromium Picolinate - 200 mcg
Weight Loss
Nature's Way
100 capsules
Chromium: the trace element to accompany your ideal slimming regime. It acts as a regulator of sugar and cholesterol. The Picolinate is the most effective form of Chrome.
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Chromium Picolinate - 200 mcg

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Chromium Picolinate : An essential cofactor to insulin.
• Accelerates the burning of fat
• Creates the muscular definition
• Controls the desires of food through its effects on insulin.
• Reduces cholesterol levels.
What is Chromium Picolinate?

Chromium Picolinate is the most effective form of chromium. Chromium is a trace element essential to human health. Although it has not yet fully clarified its mode of action, we know that ir increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, which helps normalize and stabilize sugar in the blood, and regulates the blood insulin levels. Chromium also plays a role in the metabolism of fats and proteins, and promotes the action of several enzymes necessary for the functioning of the body.

A french chemist discovered chromium in 1797, but it was not until nearly 200 years later we recognized its importance to human health. In 1957, German researchers working in the USA led studies on animals allowed to discover the essential role of chromium in the regulation of blood glucose in the blood.

Chromium is a very popular supplement with people wishing to lose weight and athletes wishing to increase their muscle mass.

Why take on Chromium Picolinate?

Weight loss: Chromium is an essential cofactor to insulin, which regulates the metabolism of fat protein and carbohydrates.

In 1982, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), discovered and patented a biologically active form of chromium picolinate known. An extensive research, whose results were published in scientific journals, shows that a daily supplement of 400mcg of Chromium Picolinate may:

• Reduce fat in the body.
• Preserve and train muscles.
• Reduce the sugar content of blood.
• Reduce cholesterol.

A study conducted by Drs Kaats and Blum, concerning 154 slightly obese people (20% to 25% above the normal weight), showed that, thanks to a daily 400 micrograms of Chromium Picolinate, without changing their habits, and this during 72 days, these people lost an average of 2 kilos of fat, compared to just 300gr. for the group absorbing placebos.

A double-blind study led by Dr. Schneider, targeting diabetes moderately obese and therefore more resistant to insulin, shows a very significant reduction in glucose control.
Atypical Depression: desires of carbohydrates, weight gain and unexplained fatigue are characteristic symptoms of atypical depression, depressive disorders often undiagnosed.
A multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled cons, lasted eight weeks and focused on 113 patients diagnosed with atypical depression. They received daily supplementation with chromium picolinate or placebo.

The results showed that chromium picolinate had a significant antidepressant effect in a subgroup of patients with high needs of carbohydrates. The researchers found that those results suggested that chromium picolinate may offer a new treatment option for patients suffering from atypical depression who find it difficult to follow their current medical treatment because of side effects, but sometimes intolerable, such as sexual dysfunction or weight gain.

Cardiovascular System: The chromium picolinate could provide cardiovascular benefits in the prediabetes. A preclinical study conducted at the University of Alberta shows that the daily use of chromium picolinate provides significant cardiovascular benefits in prediabetic rats resistant to insulin. This molecule is already known for its effects on glucose metabolism but the study presented at the 3rd World Congress on the syndrome of insulin resistance, is the first of its kind to demonstrate that chromium picolinate may improve endothelial function-the overall health of the circulatory system and thus reduces macrovascular complications in prediabetics. The rats used in the study are a unique animal model of human vascular disease with a profound insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.

This model allows the study of links between insulin resistance and vascular function. According to James C. Russell, PhD, principal investigator of the study and professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, the protective effect of micro-and macrovascular chromium picolinate observed in this model is significant because it demonstrates the need to push more background investigation to validate the use of mineral-related insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular complications.

How are deficiencies of Chromium manifested?

A chromium deficiency manifests itself in trouble metabolizing sugars and fats:
• hyperlipaemia (high cholesterol and triglycerides);
• fasting hyperglycemia (high blood sugar);
• hyperinsulinemia (increased amount of insulin in the blood);
• glucose intolerance.
It is believed that some people who consume mainly food and refined sugars can become deficient in Chromium. Moreover, the results of epidemiological studies and case-control studies have demonstrated that levels of chromium decline with age, and there is a relationship between the weakness of these and diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Nowadays, the rate of chromium in the body can be measured quite accurately.

The loss of chromium may also be caused by malnutrition, pregnancy, intense exercise, stress and physical infectious, as well as by the use of corticosteroids.

• The effects of chromium could be added to other plants or supplements whose action is hypoglycemic.
• Taking supplements of chromium with plants rich in chromium (horsetail fields, Cascara sagrada) may cause liver toxicity in the long term.
• Corticosteroids, calcium carbonate and antacids can reduce the rate of chromium in the body.
• Allow two hours between taking chromium supplements and taking zinc, calcium carbonate and antacids.
• It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Chromium potentiates the effect of insulin. It is necessary to maintain a stable blood sugar level. If it is too low, the proteins of muscle cells are asked to bring energy, if blood sugar is too high, the storage of fat is activated. Insulin helps the stability of blood sugar levels and its effect is considerably improved by with CHROMIUM PICOLINATE. The latter does not increase the rate of insulin, it does optimize its action. On the other hand, Chromium increases the transport of amino acids in the cells, reduces the catabolism (destruction) of proteins and allows better use of carbohydrates in promoting glycogen reserves. As a result, the muscles are stronger and bigger. In addition to its dampening effect of appetite for sweets, chromium reduced the transformation of carbohydrates into fat and triggers the combustion of them. Stress, bad eating habits, exercise and consumption of carbohydrates leads to an important shortcoming in Chromium.

Chromium Picolinate plays an important role in maintaining the level of good and bad cholesterol, it stimulates the action of insulin in controlling blood sugar levels to normal levels.

Chromium Picolinate helps eliminate the sensation of hunger and "sugar rages."

Wellness concerns

Cholesterol - Diabetes - Obesity - Weight Loss


Chromium Picolinate - 200mcg, Millet, Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Gelatin (capsule).


Less than 18 years. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


A capsule a day with a meal.

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