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Black Cohosh 540 mg
Piping Rock
150 capsules !!!
Black Cohosh mitigates the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome naturally.
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Black Cohosh 540 mg

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The Black Cohosh is a plant whose scientific name is Cimicifuga racemosa, which reached 2.5 meters in height, and is a native of Canada and the Eastern United States. The Black Cohosh has been traditionally used against the pains that precede or accompany menstruation (dysmenorrhea), also symptoms related to digestion (dyspepsia) and various other health disorders. The Indians used it to treat female problems associated with menstruation and menopause. In fact, numerous clinical studies, usually German, have shown that black cohosh was an alternative treatment of choice for hormone replacement therapy to reduce symptoms of menopause.

Menopause: Thanks to its phyto-estrogenic components including triterpene glycosides, the Black Cohosh offers undeniable advantages as an alternative to hormone replacement therapies. Several scientific studies have clearly demonstrated the physical and psychological benefits of Black Cohosh for women who suffer from discomforts associated with menopause.

Dysmenorrhea: The Black Cohosh is an antispasmodic plant which is effective in calming menstrual cramps.

Preventing Breast Cancer: Researchers from the Faculty of Medicine recently demonstrated that Black Cohosh inhibits the growth of in vitro cancer cells . Its inhibitory effect is at least as large as that of tamoxifen, a drug commonly prescribed to women after breast cancer to prevent recurrence. Moreover, this would have no effect on estrogen, which would use this plant to relieve symptoms of menopause in women who have had breast cancer, without risking recurrence.

In conclusion, the Black Cohosh:

  • Reduces inflammation due to arthritis and rheumatism
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Promotes expectoration and alleviation of airways
  • Reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhoea (menstrual pain) and menopause
  • Produces an effect similar to estrogen, without causing side effects

Wellness concerns

Digestion - Hyperactivity - Menopause - Menstruation - PMS


Black Cohosh (root) - 540mg, Gelatin (capsule), Millet, Magnesium stearate.


Less than 18 years. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. People with liver problems.


Three capsules per day for each of the three meals. Drink water.

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