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Biosil Liquid - Orthosilicic Acid - Beauty, Bones & Joints
15 ml - 0.5 Fl. Oz
Biosil Liquid, Orthosilicic Acid biologically active, an excellent complement to the beauty of hair, skin and nails. In addition, it supports healthy bones and joints.
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Biosil Liquid - Orthosilicic Acid - Beauty, Bones & Joints

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Orthosilicic Acid Biosil Liquid is a water-soluble form of silicon found in particular sea water stabilized by choline; it has a particularly high bioavailability. Silicon is present in multiple tissues and body fluids. Biosil liquid plays an important role for healthy bones, joints, blood vessels, but also for that of the skin, teeth, hair and nails.

Silicon is also a regulator of bone mineralization: Animal studies indicate that silicon supplementation reduces the number of osteoclasts, cells responsible for bone reasorption and appears to increase the osteoblasts responsible for bone formation. Clinical studies show that supplementation with silicon, in women with osteoporosis, is associated with significantly increased bone mineral density.

The silicon accelerates the healing of bone fractures: High levels of silicon are found near the sites where it operates an intensive process of calcification, as in cases of fracture. Different tests following fractures associated with traumatic shock or during surgery indicate faster healing and better consolidation with silicon supplementation.
Finally, silicon is essential to the formation of articular cartilage that is composed of the arterial wall: After the skin and thymus, the aorta is the tissue that contains more silicon. With age, the rate decreases very rapidly, suggesting that this loss plays an important role in the aging of arteries and increases the risk of injury. Post mortem studies have highlighted levels of silicon lower in tissues of arteries with atherosclerosis than in those of healthy arteries. The aorta and the carotid artery of healthy people contain about ten times more silicon than atherosclerotic arteries. Studies in animals and humans show that silicon supplementation prevents oxidation of LDL, a key step in the development of atherosclerosis.
Skin health is related to its content in silicon: Silicon is essential for optimal synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is also crucial to the activation of enzymes involved in hydroxylation of the cross-linking of collagen, causing resistance and elasticity of fibrous proteins. More collagen is synonymous with more elastic and less wrinkled skin . In a study of women aged 40 to 65 showing clear signs of photoaging skin, supplementation with concentrated orthosilicic stabilized decreased fine lines and improved skin elasticity.
Supplementation of Biosil Liquid, Orthosilicic Acid, improves the hardness of the nails and makes them brighter and less fragile. It slows hair loss, promotes hair regrowth and brightens it.
Biosil Liquid, Orthosilicic Acid, improves the quality of the skin and slows the aging of bones and joints.



Silicon (as Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid) (ch-OSA) - 5mg, Choline chloride, glycerol and purified water.


Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Take 5 to 6 drops twice daily with a little liquid - preferably take with juice.

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