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Astaxanthin 4mg
Healthy Origins
60 capsules
Astaxanthin 4mg Healthy Origins of large algae comes from deep and has positive effects varied as a powerful antioxidant.
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Astaxanthin 4mg Healthy Origins

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 With so many dietary supplements hitting the market, it becomes difficult to choose from one over the other. The problem with most of the supplements is that they contain synthetic ingredients which the body is resilient to accumulate. Health origins Astaxanthin is a quality, 100% natural, caretonid produced from natural extracts of Haematococcus Pluvialis microalgae. Cartenoids fall under the group of Xanthophyll which is a very powerful anti-oxidant.

It is so powerful that natural Astaxanthin is around 550 times more powerful (as an anti oxidant) than Vitamin E. Astaxanthin has no side effects since it is a natural dietary supplement. It is extracted from deep sea algae, which are found in the depths of the ocean. Astaxanthin supplementation can help protect your skin from radical effects of UV radiations. These UV radiations are found in everyday sunlight and we get exposed to these radiations every time we step outdoors.

This supplement also helps impove your skins elasticity. This way you can look healthier and younger. Enough with the face value and cosmetic advantages? There are other advantages of Astaxanthin; it helps support a healthier and more powerful immune system by helping in the natural release of antibodies. Moreover, It improves cardiovascular health.


Haematococcus pluvialis algae extract, Astaxanthin Complex 4 mg, vitamin A, vitamin E, bioAstin, lutein, sunflower oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water.


Seek medical advice if pregnant or breastfeeding.


Take 1-3 capsules per day

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