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Arniflora Gel
Sport / Bodybuilding
Boericke& Tafel
2.75 oz - 82.5ml
The healing properties of Arnica has been known for a long time: this is an excellent remedy in case of contusions, bruises, concussions, injuries, cuts and other traumatisms.
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Arniflora Arnica

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Arnica is known as an homeopathic remedy for stress and muscle pain.

Arnica is also known as the scourge of leopard, mountain tobacco, mountain daisy and scourge of the wolf, which is made from dried flowers and rooted sometimes with a few family members of the daisy (Asteraceae / Compositae). The mountain arnica plant is a major pharmacopoeias used in traditional and modern Europe. Its reputation was founda nd officially approved as an anti-ecchymotique. For pharmaceutical companies, whose annual European demand is estimated at 50 tons of dried flower, this is picked in the wild. However, the growing demand for herbal and homeopathic products and its rarity seem contradictory. Indeed, before the depletion of wild stations, collection tends to focus on a few sites and to over-exploit it. Moreover, its culture is at present uncertain as its demands are many.

The preparations of arnica are advised, following the principle of similarity , as a homeopathic medicine for overwork and trauma of the muscle (shock, wounds, post-operative care), some states with infectious adynamie, vascular disorders and dermatoses (linked to the fragility of the dermis).
Arniflora is a homeopathic preparation topical gel: the application of arnica is used to treat bruises, sprains, bruises, rheumatic disorders and inflammation of the skin surface.

Wellness concerns



(HPUS):Arnica Montana 1X 8% in a Witch Hazel Base.


Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.


Apply regularly until disappearance of symptoms.

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